Alchemist Coffee Project
698 S Vermont Ave Los Angeles, CA
We strive to provide the best quality coffee and service to all of our customers. Our main driving force is our passion in the craft of coffee brewing, and the joy of serving everyone that deserves a good time.

We are a multi-roaster specialty artisan coffee shop in Los Angeles, CA, currently serving Intelligentsia, Copa Vida, Heart Roasters and Phil & Sebastian. Trying to be the best possible at all time is our number one objective, and as a result, both the barista and the customer can enjoy the day with a smile.

Turning water into Gold.

-Alchemist Coffee Project-

Phone Order : 323-333-7391
We accept cash and credit card.
Cash is paid to the driver upon delivery.
Order delivery through Tastezip 323-333-7391
We accept cash. Cash is paid to the driver upon delivery.